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Outdoor News is the journal of OEASA, and is published four times per year. It contains news of interest to members, reports of events, and articles to inform and inspire.

The PDF version of Outdoor News is emailed to members, but is also available for download from this page.

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We suggest you download Outdoor News to your machine, rather than trying to read it online.

Submission guidelines

Contributions on any and all Outdoor Education and related matters are welcome in Outdoor News, and should be submitted directly to the editor, Peter Carter, at pcarter at internode dot on dot net.

The first line of a file is to be the item’s title, the second, the author’s name (without ‘By’). Include captions for any accompanying images, with details of who, which, what, when, where, etc.

Text may be as text file (.txt), RTF (.rtf) or Word format. If your file is a Word .docx, or RTF, please use appropriate styles for headings, list items, etc. For a set of suggested paragraph styles and general guidelines, download a Word template.

Do not embed Web URLs in Word hyperlinks: list them in full.

Photographs must be submitted as image files, JPEG or TIFF, and not embedded in Word files (ever). Line art may be submitted in TIFF, EPS or Illustrator format. Where there are several images they may be sent as a ZIP archive.

Advertisements from sponsors or other organisations are to be submitted as PDFs. Page format is A4R (landscape). Half page advertisements may be portrait (135 * 185 mm) or landscape (275 * 93 mm). Payment, where applicable, must be made through the OEASA Treasurer.